It is a permit, which grants PERMANENT RESIDENCE WITHOUT RIGHT TO WORK in the Republic of Cyprus. It concerns NON EU NATIONALS.

This permit is also granted to the spouse and minor children (under the age of 18) of the holder.

Upon the decision of the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, dated on 7/05/2009, when a non EU Member buys a PROPERTY – RESIDENCE for himself and his family of €300.000 and more, his application for Permanent Residence, Category F will be examined favourably.

This type of permit is granted to those NON EU nationals, who possess and have fully and freely at their disposal a SECURED ANNUAL INCOME, high enough to give them a decent living in Cyprus, WITHOUT HAVING TO ENGAGE IN ANY BUSINESS, TRADE OR PROFESSION. This income must come from legal sources from abroad. For example, it might come from pensions, permanent deposits, business activities, ownership of companies, shares etc.

According the provisions of the Law the MINIMUM annual income required is €9,568.17 for a single applicant and €4,613.22 for every dependent person, but the Civil Registry and Migration Department may demand ADDITIONAL AMOUNTS as necessary. These additional amounts might come from annual maintenance expenses of the property, educational, medical and other needs of the family in each particular case. It is always necessary to take in consideration ALL NEEDS OF THE FAMILY of the applicant and to offer solid evidence that the applicant is able to cover all those needs on the long run. He has to prove that the money he is getting from abroad will be enough to cover ALL EXPENSES of the family.

As the Category F is the permit, granted once but for the permanent stay in Cyprus, the Immigration Authorities will examine the STABILITY and RELIABILITY of annual income during a long period of time. The possession of a solid amount of money, deposited in one of the banks of Cyprus might facilitate the application.

For the granting of an Immigration Permit application is submitted on form M.67 to the Civil Registry and Migration Department directly or through the District Aliens and Immigration Branches of the Police. The application should be accompanied by the appropriate documents, depending on the Category for which it is submitted. Applications for Category F which are the most usual should be accompanied by the original of documents regarding the income of the applicants. Applicants who are abroad may submit an application directly to Cyprus, as stated above or through the local Consular Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus. The applications are examined by the Immigration Control Board which submits a relevant suggestion to the Minister of the Interior for a decision to be taken.

It is advisable for applicants to seek for legal advice before proceeding.